Wood is a natural material with variations of color shade, configuration, streaks, and grain structure. Each individual piece of ANAKTAE furniture will differ from photo and showroom samples.

Try to avoid placing furniture in direct sunlight and rearrange accessories from time to time to prevent spot discoloration. Arrange your furniture so that it does not sit near air-conditioning units or radiators. Avoid contact of wood bases to damp surfaces. Lack of humidity or dry climates, can cause certain veneers to crack or check, and joint to work.

Do not use silicone waxes or other oily polishes. Dust gently with a dry or slightly damp, soft cloth. Use a moist cloth with a mild detergent and dry immediately with another soft dry cloth.


The process of oxidation is made by hand, for each item separately. On each individual piece of ANAKTAE brass item, color depth in brass oxidation might vary, making each product unique. Slight change of appearance in brass items is natural, as they age.

Do not use brass cleaners or any detergents on brass. Dust gently. Do not scrub. For cleaning, use a dry to slightly damp, soft cloth without any detergents, and dry the surface immediately with a clean, dry soft cloth.


Marble is a natural material with variations of color shade and veins structure. Each individual piece of ANAKTAE marble item will differ from photo and showroom samples.

Marble is porous and will stain if left unprotected. Marble can be cleaned with a mild detergent and warm water, rinsed with clean water and wiped with a clean, soft dry cloth to assure no residue remains. Pay special attention to marble-metal joints, no humidity must remain inside joints.

Food and liquid spills should be wiped up immediately with a damp, soft dry cloth.


All upholstery fabrics should be dusted on a regular basis with a vacuum cleaner. If possible, cushions should be reversed frequently.

When complete overall cleaning is required, it is recommended that you refer to a professional.

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