Acropolis Residence


The comprehensive architectural study concerns the addition of a floor on an existing single-storey house in the Acropolis area and the renovation of the structure so that the dwelling becomes more functional without losing its neoclassical morphology on the outside as well as the inside.

The owners requested a radical renovation of the entire structure in order to transform the property into a functional family home without losing its neoclassical charm.

During the process it was revealed that the structure was severely damaged, the house had suffered severe damage throughout the years. It was decided to a large portion of the property to be demolished solely entire layout from the beginning which now revolved around a new solid oak staircase, a design element dictated by the property’s neoclassical character.

The principle construction materials used were warm wood, sleek marble and old fashioned concrete tiles with traditional hand-painted patterns that all came together in a clean, illuminated interior landscape with a beautiful Acropolis view.

All decorative elements including plaster ornaments and pinched decorations on the facades were reproduced according to the existing ones, after thorough analysis.

Existing building: 185 m2
Addition: 125 m2
Total area: 310 m2 in three levels
Basement: 110 m2
Ground floor: 110 m2
First floor: 90 m2

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Acropolis Residence
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