Anaktae + Piraeus Bank Cultural Foundation

The prestigious Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation invited us to produce a range of exclusive gifts for the nine museums they operate around Greece.

Inspired by Linear B, the earliest script in the Greek language, we created nine syllabic symbols that denote the different themes of the Foundation’s museums.

Our first product in the series is a candle holder for the Chios Mastic Museum.
It combines two syllabic signs, depicting a tree and a man. The candle holder is accompanied with a mastic-scented candle. Our second product, a candle holder for the Silversmithing Museum in Ioannina, is decorated with the syllabic signs of a man and the symbol for silver.

Through our partnership with this exceptional cultural institution, we aim to explore the dynamic between Greece’s contemporary design and traditional heritage. Stay tuned for more signature creations for the Foundation’s other museums.

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Anaktae + Piraeus Bank Cultural Foundation
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