In Monaco Apartment bespoke luxury meets meticulous design. We have poured our passion into creating one-of-a-kind furniture and features, all conceptualized and crafted in Greece, then expertly installed in a Monaco apartment under our vigilant guidance.

A bespoke partition door, eloquently delineating the living room from the dining area, comprises four oak wood panels, detailed with brass inlays that create a striking linear pattern.

Greek marble cladding with a bespoke lower fireplace niche and an adjoining oak bookcase, accented with brass and subtle backlighting, offers an elegant storage solution.

A custom-built divider, crafted entirely from brass, serves a dual function, providing a fluid transition between the kitchen and living room. It effortlessly doubles as a bar/pass-through and shelving unit.

Embodying mid-century modern elegance, an expansive wall-mounted bookcase, custom-crafted from oak, presents a back panel with a warm brass patina, and is detailed with precision-cast brass handles. The structure’s robust oak uprights support a range of bespoke shelves and storage compartments, tailored to the proprietors’ requirements.

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