Boutique Hotel in Piraeus

We have undertaken a holistic approach to constructing and curating Fidias Hotel, thoughtfully bringing our neo-archaic aesthetic to the light and airy space.

Located in the historic, bustling Greek port of Piraeus, Fidias is a love letter to anticipation. Spread across six floors, each of the twenty-four rooms is a temporary passage for the traveller on the go.

The functional design draws inspiration from its close proximity to Piraeus port and the steady arrival and departure of the ferries. The walls are papered in undulating cerulean waves that resemble amphorae; waves are again found in the sculptural wooden panelling of reception; the brass and plaster light fixtures glow softly, like the light emerging from a porthole window. That unique shade of Grecian blue – a colour that has inspired countless artists and writers – is found throughout the space, punctuated by warm orange hues that bring to mind Mediterranean sunsets. With a humorous wink to the eternal wanderer, none of the closets have doors, emphasising the transience of travel. Vintage travel posters of the Greek islands from the 1960s and 1970s hang on the walls, offering a taste of what is to come the following morning.

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Boutique Hotel in Piraeus
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